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Energetik has carefully selected Switch2 as a partner organisation.

Switch2 is the customer service provider for the energetik hot water and heating system and they provide this website in addition to managing our metering and payment system

When you make a debit or credit card top-up on this website or through other payment options, it will show as a payment to Switch2 Energy Ltd on your bank statement.

Switch2 work on behalf of energetik to ensure that you receive constant heat and hot water to your home, and that your charges are accurate.

Switch2 are responsible for servicing and maintaining the community heating and hot water system, in addition to providing this website for you to use. So if you need to contact us about a query or an engineer visits your home, it will be an employee of Switch2 acting on our behalf that helps you.

We, energetik, have chosen Switch2 as our partner because we know they will work to the same high standards we expect and you deserve.