Happy Friday

Upgrade work complete, Auto top-up arrangements are back:

This service is now available again to all PAYG customers. Any Auto top-ups you may have had in the past have been cancelled, you can set up a new arrangement if you would like to resume this function.

Auto top-ups allow you to securely store your payment details with Stripe, our Payment Service Provider. You can set up a ‘top-up amount’ of your choosing, and a ‘threshold amount’. You’ll make a top-up of the top-up amount on Auto top-up creation to authorise your payment details. Once set-up & whilst active we will monitor the balance from your PAYG device, typically received at least once daily depending on network connectivity, when the device balance is lower than the threshold amount, we will send an e-mail notification of the Auto top-up and within 1-2 hours your Auto top-up will be taken using the payment details stored with Stripe for the Auto top-up. Sometimes your card provider may require authorisation of the auto top-up, if this is the case the top-up will fail and an e-mail notification will be sent. Providing you complete the re-try successfully within 24 hours your Auto top-up will resume, if not the arrangement will cancel and a new Auto top-up will need to be set up when you’re ready to resume.

We’re now working on upgrading and resuming the following services:

  • Regular top-ups on my.energetik.london

Updates will be available here when the upgrade is completed.

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